Novel Dare – Day 26

Morning Update (7:32 AM) – Something over 1,200 words this morning, and the work is actually flowing pretty well.  I would say that for the past two weeks my work on this book has been a case of “two-steps forward, one step back.”  But the past 24 hours things seem to have improved to maybe “four steps forward, one step back.”

Hey, I’ll take my joy where I find it!

I’m definitely into my third character now, and definitely have all his motivations and whatnot arrived/contrived/developed.  He’s actually a very deep young man.  Much fun.

Hope to have an update regarding even more progress this evening.  We’re heading toward the finish line, and I would like to have a “the end” by Friday.

Evening Update (9:37 PM) – Picked up another 350 words or so, but mostly I think that, for the first time, I can now say that I know pretty much step-by-step exactly how the story is going to end.  That makes things suddenly a lot easier.  Four days to go.  Let’s see if we can get this puppy to the finish line.

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