Novel Dare – Day 30 – It’s Done!

Wakers “finishes” NaNoWriMo at a final tally of 51, 735.  I added about a thousand words this evening, but also killed about 500 others.  Ultimately the last, say, 2000 words are really a coarse outline of the end of the story.  So it’s a stretch to say it’s really “done.”  But it’s done enough for the purposes of a first draft, and so I’ll claim it.  What the hell, eh?  I’m going to guess now that the full book will come in a something near 60K.

I’m probably going to write more about this in the next couple days, as I’ve been thinking a lot about the process again.  But I’m brain dead now, so I’ll wait to go too far into things.  Suffice to say that I’m still really streamlining the ending, but it’s all good.

But I want to mention how excited I am to see Brigid kicking it this past couple days–including punching out a 7-or-8K day today.  Her work as a whole is getting up close to 60K.  Pretty danged good work, give her struggles over Thanksgiving (where she was busy doing things like wedding planning and inviting her dad to cake and reception tasting events), and given that she dealt with her very first bout with the mid-book blah.  Now we’ll see if she’s still enjoying the process as she nears the end of her full book–wherever that is.

All told, it’s been a pretty great month.

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