Novel Dare – Day 30 … 50K!

Morning Update (7:23) – A tad over 2K this morning brings me to well over 51K for the month, which means … I “win!”    The story stands at present at 51,493 words, and I’m thinking it really needs about 2K more.  My experience with making my own estimates, though, is that this means I’ll need 4-5K.  Technically I can call the novel “finished” because I have the entire plot told–though the last pieces are in outline mode, so even I know I’m really cheating if I say it’s finished.  Of course, even if I finish expanding the final pieces that are currently in outline, I’ll still be “cheating” since I know I have one medium-big plotline that’s not properly started in this first draft.  So at this point we’re arguing technicalities.  [grin]

I might get a little time tonight, but I’ve also got to get to the health club to fill a commitment there.  So, we’ll see.  I would really like to get a more official “the end” tagged onto this today, but life is what it is.

Either way I suppose I’ll jump into the NaNoWriMo site this evening to figure out how to validate my book.  But for now, I gotta get to work.

Have a good one.

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