Welcome to Hectic City

Holy Cows, has January been hectic.

I mean, fifteen days have absolutely flown past. I’m working the normal 9-10 hours a day, reading tons of short stuff, and getting to the gym occasionally. I’ve easily topped my 20K steps a day goal as an average. I took a full day and pulled off a surprise for Lisa that was much fun. I wrote and refined a short story, attended a writer’s group session, and had the distinct pleasure of reading and commenting on the first draft of Brigid’s first-ever novel.

I can’t begin to tell you how special it is to see Brigid putting a book’s worth of words down. The fact that it hangs together as a whole makes it even better, and the fact that the first half already shows her as a better writer than I am is … well … pretty danged cool.

But I digress.

I’m looking forward to attending Immortal Confusion this weekend, and spending time with folks like Myke Cole, Catherine Shaffer, Tobias Buckell, Jim Hines, and David Klecha (and I’m sure a bunch of others I’m forgetting in my haste). You can find my programming here. And I’ve been busy making plans to attend one of Kris Rusch and Dean Smith’s workshops in late February. All should be much fun.

So, yeah, it’s been hectic. But, then, I figure it’s probably not slowing down any time soon, and it’s probably no worse for me than it is you, right?

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