An Unexpected Surprise

I sat down this morning to do some writing, and in a somewhat random occurrence I found myself opening an old file that I had stored in my “stories started” folder. I don’t know how anyone else works, but this is a folder that is jammed full of things I’ve started, then grew tired of and didn’t pursue further. In this case, the start was just three quick sentences, maybe thirty words total. It wasn’t even the beginning of a story–just a simple idea, or maybe better stated as the beginning of an idea. A concept.  It turns out I had last touched it in 2005.  I have no memory of this, but then it was so tiny I suppose that’s no surprise.

But I looked at it, and it struck me as quite interesting.

I just started typing what came to mind. Which was even more interesting. An hour later, I had a thousand words and the beginning of a story that I already really like.


The “downside” of this is that it’s now time to close up shop for the morning.

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