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I’m totally stoked to be part of DAWN OF THE MONSTERS, which is issue one of Amazing Monster Tales. This promises to be a great series of pulpy good monster stories that … well … I’ll let their marketing blubs handle that part of the message later in this post. I’ll just say that the co-editors, Jaime Ferguson and DeAnna Knippling, are doing a spectacular job getting it off the ground. Super-professional. Super-good.

So, if you’re looking for some spectacular stories that’ll take you in all sorts of unexpected directions, here’s your thing…

My story is “It Came Out of the Swamp,” which is, of course, swampy, but starts somewhere else and ends … hmmm … I suppose it wouldn’t be good to go that far, now, would it?

I’ll just say I loved writing this one. And, yeah, it would make a great late Christmas present, eh?


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Twitter: @AmazingPulp
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Love pulp fiction?
Amazing Monster Tales is here to provide it!
11 tales of monsters, mayhem, strange and inexplicable events, uncanny technologies, wildly improbable events, and more. Some monsters you’ve seen before…

And some of them you haven’t!

Some monsters are the good guys…

And some of them are very, very bad indeed!

Featuring stories by:
Dean Wesley Smith • Ron Collins • P. D. Cacek • Mark Leslie • Steve Vernon • Annie Reed • Sèphera Girón • Rebecca M. Senese • Marcelle Dubé • Jamie Ferguson • DeAnna Knippling


This volume, DAWN OF THE MONSTERS, features trolls, goblins, creeps, mad scientists, vampires, aliens, Frankenstein, a very nasty ex-girlfriend, a mysterious egg, a bargain you can’t refuse, something dark and mysterious that lives underground, and a disgusting, evil beast straight out of the swamp!

We can’t promise that these tales won’t make you think…but they’ll grab you by your sense of adventure and take you for a ride!



Look for MONSTER ROAD TRIP…and wear your shades!

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