Day 19 – Three “Sprints”

Dad’s cat’s reaction to the Dare isn’t all that

It’s been a bit of a weird day in that I wrote in what are essentially three “sprints” that add up to about 3,500 words on the day. I use the quotes in “sprints” because the first span of time was really spent in front of the television watching my beloved Louisville Cardinals run out of gas and lose big. I used that period to add words in areas where I had kind of run threadbare in the first pass—knowing I needed description and extra stuff (and in some places I had just left [brackets] with notes that told me what I needed to add.

I then had a lunch stint, where I added a thousand or so words, and then, after some house cleaning and whatnot, a third chunk of work that added another thousand.

So, yeah, all total, about 3,500 words.

The best news of all, though, is that I think I’ve actually come across the final major piece of the elements that drive the plot from the perspective of the antagonist. This is a big, big deal, because while I knew what needed to happen, I wasn’t really sure why it needed to happen—or better said, how it would come about as a natural result of something the “bad guys” would actually do.

So, good news all around today.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Crossed finders on a big word count.

# # #

You can and should check out Lisa Silverthorne’s progress here. I’m finding it interesting to see how oddly lock-stepped we’ve been in our creation process. She jumped out “ahead,” then I kind of caught up, then we’ve stayed in a bit of lock-step the last day or three.

We spent an hour or two on Skype yesterday, just talking about how things have gone, and how we’re feeling about the process. At the end of the day, I think this is one of the most fun things about sharing a Dare—comparing each other’ hard moments, enjoying each other’s big steps. It’s nice to know you’re not alone, right?

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