Saving the World!

In one of a hundred different fun synchronicities associated with this Dare month, I’m pleased to note my “out-there” baseball thriller/mystery/alt-history/and whatever book Chasing the Setting Sun has been included in the most recent Story Bundle package “Saving the World,” a collection of great speculative fiction compiled by Dean Wesley Smith.

Read Dean’s Into Here

Get it Here

Just a scan of these writer’s names alone should let you know you should seriously check this one out. As fate would have it, one of those authors is Lisa Silverthorne, my October Novel Dare mate. And, as oddity would have it, both her book in this bundle and my book are written in the worlds that we’re using for this Dare.

I should note, too, that the Fiction River volume that serves as the namesake of the bundle also included my short story “The Legend of Parker Clark and Lois Jane,” which is one of my personal favorites.

Why I Love Story Bundles, and You Should, Too!

  • Great Fiction!
  • Name Your Own Price!
  • No DRM!
  • Simple delivery!
  • Support!
  • That’s right folks. If you’ve checked out story bundles, you know you can make a lot of decisions about what you buy and how much you pay. I admit I like the base idea of letting the reader decide how much they’re willing to pay for their fiction—beyond a floor, anyway. To me this is really powerful because in addition to supporting artists at work, you also get the opportunity to improve the lives of people via AbleGamers.

    If you don’t know about their work, I’d suggest you go check them out.

    And then get to reading, of course!

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