Day 25 – Cresting 50K

This was the first day in a long time where I could start in the morning and work pretty clear through the early afternoon. The story is coming along, and I’m at about 51K. With six days left I’m thinking I’ll probably finish the full story—though we’ll see if I have to do a little shorthand to be able to say it. Bottom line, it’s been a pretty hectic week overall, several unexpected twists with things outside of writing. So in the end I’m pretty happy with the overall situation.

The story is still fun, which is great, of course.

My only real issue right now is that I’ve come across an idea—or technically, my characters have come across it—that I’m pretty sure will require some tweaking of some earlier parts of the book in order to make it really work. But in the big picture, that’s not a big deal. I can pick it up in the second pass without too much problem, and in the end will result in a bit more meat to the bone, as it were.

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