STS-8 Dare: Day 4

First, in a case of good news catching up, I managed an extra 500 words yesterday evening after posting my update, so that bumps me up a touch—and every little bit helps.

This morning I got a clean 1,000 words when I hit “open ground” and just had fun letting the characters play. That’s always fun.

An aside on style sheets >> I am horrible at tracking various things in my own manuscripts. I mean, horrible. I try, but I am just horrible. Luckily, Lisa (wife/copyeditor) is brilliant at this. As I’ve noted, this story is set on an alien world with a lot of alien language, culture, and whatnot to weave into things. Given that there’s been a gap in my storytelling here, that means the stylesheet she’d kept as she works through my stuff has been like gold. Another reason why good copy editors are super-important. And, no, you can’t have mine. [grin]

Anyway, the afternoon session got a little bogged down dealing with something close to the last errant material I had left over from my earlier attempts to tell the story. Basically spent the afternoon pounding things out and killing the parts that don’t work anymore or (who am I fooling, right?) never worked to begin with.

I’ve got one more chunk of that old material to get through either today or tomorrow, and then it will be all white pages and storyline vagaries.

To sum it up, the afternoon total is messy, but I’ll claim 500 words fresh. So adding it all together that’s 1,500 today—plus the extra 500 from yesterday makes for a 2,000 word bumpage to the whole.

Total Dare Word Count Now: 4,100

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