STS-8 Dare: Day 6

The best plans go awry, right?

Today settled out all right. I ended up with what I’ll credit as 1,000 new words (and some recycle). But that’s fine. Today is a big fake baseball day (I should probably make a reference post to that sometime since I talk about it sometimes), so I knew in advance that my output would be lower than it could have been. But I expected yesterday to be a bigger day.

Yesterday I got my 250 words and was happy to eke those out.

At issue is Amazon. Or, should I say pricing and Amazon. That’s a thing about being a writer who truly independent publishes. It’s all on you. In this case, after finishing my words Friday, I I started doing a general scan of my pricing across various platforms that night. It’s a good brainless kind of work, I thought. Turns out that’s (1) kind of right, but (2) it’s also a lot of work because none of the platforms I’m on make that easy to see.

Dunno. Maybe I need to look into using some other tools.

Regardless, in the process of digging this data out (and making a few obligatory fixes), I also discovered Amazon had mushed-up a bunch of my books’ product description to the point where they just looked horrible.

Both print and ebook.


So, a day and a quarter later, all was well again. Except I missed a buncha words.

Such is life of an Indie, I say.

Total Dare Word Count Now: 5,300

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