Novel Dare – Day 10

Interim Post (11:14 AM) — My real progress today is better than the 1,000 words I get to claim.  What this means is that at present the sum total of my body of work is just over 1,00 words more than it was, but in reality I stripped away probably 1,000 words, and added back 2K.  Such is the life of a novel you start from vaporware, eh?  Some of what you write just doesn’t work in the end.

In this case, I have three major plot lines moving through the story, and as a result of things I did early this morning I essentially cemented down the first/main line.  This is very good.  But it meant that work I had done earlier (that I now see is associated with the second plot line) needed to be reconfigured.  The good news now is that I have a little smoothing to do, and then both of my main characters on screen at present are going to get into neep that’s deeper than deep.

All total, the 2K for 1K swap is, I think, a great deal.  One I’ll make every day of the week.

Back to the sweatshop.  With any luck I’ll get this ting to 20K total by the time I hit lunch break.

Update (5:54 PM) – Made it up to 2,167 “new” words for the day.  This is in addition to the 1,000 or so I rewrote, so overall it’s been good progress.  I also watched Louisville stink up a football game and made a trip to the health club.  Note — when I got home I found that the Officially Best Wife in the World  had used this great afternoon to wash our cars!  It’s off to dinner, and then the grocery.  If I get a chance, I may throw a few more words down this evening…or not.

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