Novel Dare – Day 12

Well, it’s not going to last long, but I admit fully that it’s fun to see my word count raise up past both Brigid and Lisa’s.  Nick the Wonderboy’s word count is clearly out of my range … but what the heck.  Had to post now while I could say I’m in second.  [grin]


The observant among those few who care will note that I had no Day 11 update.  I did manage 2200 words or so, but got caught up in other things while celebrating Lisa’s (the copy editor wife Lisa, not the writer/friend Lisa!) birthday.  We saw “Skyfall” and had a brief dinner–then Skyped with Brigid.  All-in-all, a nice day.  This morning marks the end of me week off, and so it’s off to the salt mines of the real job.  The goal now is to keep my word count up in the 800-1,000 range every day in order to make sure I can use 2-3K weekend days to bring the thing home.  The story is coming together now.  I’m in that middle stage where you just have to kind of slog through it to get to the light at the end, but it’s coming.  If I can power through this week and get my third character’s tie-in working, then I think I win.

500+ words so far this AM.  Going back in for the last 300 or so now.

Update: 7:10 AM — Finished the morning at 940 words, and with a character who’s gotten a little more mouthy than expected.  Must explore this a bit more.

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