Novel Dare – Day 28

Morning Update (7:02AM) – Got a cool 2,064 words this morning, or just over 1,000 words an hour of effort.  And I’m certain these are some really good words.  The story at this point is getting depth that wasn’t totally there  in the earliest stages of the work.  Not surprising, of course, when you think about it.  The story is now rushing toward its end, with two of what I had perceived as the main characters linked up and the third on his way.

The writing of the story has brought two other characters to life, though.  One has been there for the entire writing, but was a secondary character who has raised her head just through force of personality (and become indispensable for it).  The second fringe character to insert herself into the the mix really just appeared in full force this morning.  I’ve had this shadowy character planned for some time–he was going to be an older, semi-wise gentleman who would essentially act as a guide.  But when I got to the point of writing the character she said I have it all wrong. Instead, she’s a street-smart younger freedom fighter who, with her longtime boyfriend, has been hanging low and working to free herself and the rest of the world from … well … the bad guys.

So it may turn out the second draft will need a little more of her.  Much fun, eh?

The total work is nearing 47K.  No question it’ll get to 50K before the deadline…but getting to “the end” may be pressing it, especially as it seems I’m going to lose  chunk of time tomorrow morning due to work.

Never say never though.  Hopefully I’ll be back later tonight with more words to report.

Have a good one …

Evening Update (9:47 PM) – Big movement.  Finishing my first 4K+ day of the novel at 4,071.  Lots of plot movement with both Kinji and Maine’s lines moving.  I’ve set things up slightly differently than I expected, so I’ve got a couple new plot inconsistencies–but, hey, it’s a first draft.  They won’t be too hard to adjust to in the second draft.

At 48,700 for the total package, we’re nearly past the post.

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