Novel Dare – Day 29

Morning Update (5:47 AM) – About 500 words this AM.  Yippee.

I knew it was going to be a sparse morning because  work has made a special call, and I’ll be heading it early for a day-long session.  These things are particularly wearing because you have to concentrate all day–unlike a usual office day where you have breaks and changes, and your attention has peeks and valleys where it can restore itself.  In other words, I anticipate being pretty washed out this evening, so any words I get will be undertaken with caution.  That said, I’m up over 49K, and can see I have three, maybe four main scenes left to write on the draft.  If I can get one full one done tonight, I might be able to make “The End” by Friday night.

If not, it’ll be Saturday.

Either way, I should have 50K in easy.  So the NaNoWriMo game will be successfully concluded.  Yay Me!

Hopefully there will be an evening update, though.  Yes.  That would be good.

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